To all my Yogis,Witches,Hippies & Gypsies 2020 was some fuckin ride & as uncertian 2021 is looking is my hope for you all as always is much love,peace and healing.If youve been to my facebook page you may of noticed Im not very active on it(not that I ever was lol) but Ive decided that social media is not serving me on any level at this moment and honestly its quite refreshing taking a step away from it.I did post a video a few months back and im working on figuring out how to post one to this site as well.I promise im still here teaching(althou not as much,but im still here lolll) and will get around to putting up a few videos here too.Im a bit more active on my IG page and Ill be putting up more movement content in the near future.PLEASE keep checking back for new content and as always feel free to message,text,call, or DM me.