August Schedule

Namaste my yogis,gypsies,hippies & witches.

August schedule is up! For my Encore yogis, you asked for it & another chair class has been added to the schedule!

Those of you looking to take a ZOOM class with me Tuesday’s I have a morning chair class and early evening mat class.If you do not have Pay Pal but want to sign up for class,please reach out to me and we’ll get you signed up!

I have also added a Facebook Friday FREE class! Every Friday for the month of August Ill go LIVE on my Facebook page TinaMarie YogaGypsy for a 30 minute class.Each week will be a different realm of yoga,so be sure to check back every week.Ill have something for everybody & if you cant make the LIVE just go on to my Facebook page when you can & the recording of class will be there.

Beach yoga is back for August too! Check out my schedule for all my classes & info.

.Have you checked out my YouTube page yet? Again you can find me there as TinaMarie YogaGypsy,so far I have 2 chair classes and one 30 minute gentle practice.Please subscribe and like or comment on the videos.

I hope your all having a wonderful Summer. I hope to see you on the mat real soon.

Be Well



Summer 2021

Happy Summer my luvs! I hope you’ve been enjoying my awkward chair yoga classes on YouTube lolll.Ill be putting more content up soon,adding some mat classes & yoga with props.If you havent had the chance to see how the camera just loves me (just a sprinkling of sarcasm there) head on over to YouTube & check me out.You can find me by putting TinaMarie YogaGypsy in the search engine & while your there give my videos a thumbs up (If you enjoyedthem) & please subscribe.Also classes are up for July! Im still teaching my 2 ZOOM classes,chair yoga & all levels.Monday’s yoga in the park never really made it off the ground in June but im looking forward to yoga on the beach in July.All classes reqiure preregistration.Im always available for privates,live or on ZOOM or if you and a few friends want a class reach out to me & we’ll set something up.I hope you have an amazing summer & look forward to seeing everyones beautiful faces on the mat!

Blessing xx

Im still here!

Hey my gypsies,yogies,hippies & witches! How are you?!

I just wanted to drop in & let you know,Im still here! Its been quiet on my end for a bit & Ive got to tell you things were NUTS for a while.I wound up getting VERY ill & was in the hospital for a bit but Im home now,healthy and getting stronger every day,so much that Im ready to get back to teaching! I even have 2 chair yoga classes up on my YouTube page TinaMarie YogaGypsy,Ill be adding more classes on YouTube in June,some chair yoga thwill Yin,Restortative,Prop fun & as always accessible yoga for everyone.So be sure to head over to YouTube & check it out & please subscribe to my page.I thank you for your support! Also June yoga schedule is up,check it out! And please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or if your like to set up your own private class,wether it be on Zoom or in person.

I hope to see you in class soon

Be well xx


Can you feel it,that feeling of Spring is on its way?! It may still be cold out or even a bit of snow is still on the ground but I promise you…Spring is near!

March schedule is up! I have recently added 2 zoom classes to the schedule,1 chair and the other an all levels,mat class.If youd like to join us,email me and ill give you all the details.I know I had promised more video content…Im slacking….sorry.I have it on my list of Spring things to get done,so no worrries!And dont forget as the weather gets warmer keep an eye out for an outdoor yoga schedule.Hope to see you in the Spring,be well my yogis,hippies,gypsies and witches xx


To all my Yogis,Witches,Hippies & Gypsies 2020 was some fuckin ride & as uncertian 2021 is looking is my hope for you all as always is much love,peace and healing.If youve been to my facebook page you may of noticed Im not very active on it(not that I ever was lol) but Ive decided that social media is not serving me on any level at this moment and honestly its quite refreshing taking a step away from it.I did post a video a few months back and im working on figuring out how to post one to this site as well.I promise im still here teaching(althou not as much,but im still here lolll) and will get around to putting up a few videos here too.Im a bit more active on my IG page and Ill be putting up more movement content in the near future.PLEASE keep checking back for new content and as always feel free to message,text,call, or DM me.